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Hawaii Media Group

Website Creation

We will custom design a website for your needs that will attract visitors. We do not use templates since each site is completely unique for you.

PPC - Re-Targeting

We have over 10yrs of Google AdWords experience with local Hawaii businesses. We specialize in re-targeting using display ads that have a high conversion ratio.


All of our websites are optimized for on-page SEO which will help you rank better on Google. We also have off page SEO which we can guarantee first page on Google organically.

Photography Services

Whether you need professional photos of your office staff or that unique and stunning drone image or video. We carry the very best drones on the market today. FAA compliant with our 333 exemption and aviation insurance.

About Us

We have an award-winning career with over 14 years of record-breaking performance in the fast-paced and competitive marketing industry in Hawaii. We have the ability to examine and understand our clients needs to customize a solution for them specifically.

Hawaii Media Group is proud to be a small hands on company.  We specialize in digital marketing using an assortment of various strategies. This includes Search Engine Marketing (SEO) where we can research which keywords are the most searched here in Hawaii. We then see which of these keywords we can target to move your site on page one. This process usually takes about 3-4 months depending on the keyword popularity. We find that over 80% of customers will click on an organic listing vs a paid listing.

Next, we do a lot of research for our clients. We research what your competitors are doing and what’s working for them, then we modify and improve what we’ve learned from their strategies and apply it for you. That way you always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Additionally, we created re-targeting campaigns. This means that we insert a pixel or a code onto your website track every user who visits your website. Once they leave your site, the display ads we create will follow them while they browse other websites. With precise accuracy, we can target visitors go to specific pages on your website and have unique messages for each of those pages. This means we can spend advertising dollars on people who’ve already went to your website rather than targeting new people. This can be very effective because these visitors already have some sort of interest in your services or they would not have been there.

Finally, we have professional photography and video services in house.  We can take beautiful photos and videos on land or from the air by using a drone. Our pilots are completely FAA certified with aerial insurance up to 2 million dollars in liability insurance. This includes luxury real estate, hotel photography and videos and commercial work as well.  Please have a look at our videos and editing services on our production page.

Website Designs

Yes we design websites but we offer so much more…

We Take Great Pride In Our Websites:



Responsive Design

Each of our sites conform to your screen to create the best browsing experience for your visitors.



Optimized For Search Engines

All of our sites have been carefully optimized. Each page specifically targeting the right keywords. We add XML sitemap, meta descriptions, page titles, keywords, Google analytics and more.



Rock Solid Security Protection

We don’t take chances when it comes to your data. We add extra security to all of our sites and monitor any unusual activity.



Unique Designs

We don’t take a template and replace your logo and call it a website. We start from scratch and customize it for you.



Beautifully Displayed

We want your sites to have beautiful images, elegant fonts and easy navigation.


Our Websites Are FAST! How Fast? VERY FAST!

Faster Internet But Slower Sites, Why?

The average user has no patients for a slow website, if a site takes longer than 3 seconds you have a high chance of losing the visitor.
We have no patience for a slow website either so we take specific steps to ensure it is not slow.

Fast Device Displays

We code each page individually so every building block will conform to your visitor’s screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience.

So How Do We Do It?

Without getting too technical. We minimize the number of http requests, minify your css files and javascrips. We also install several plugins to speed your site up and leverage browser caching.

Want Proof?

Have a look at all of these sites we recently created. Most load in 1-2 second. 


Test How Fast Your Website Is?

Give it a shot, how fast is your site?

We Love Shoot Photos & Videos

Land, air or sea, we can shoot it for you.

Aerial Photography

Hotels & Resorts

Aerial Videos

Water & Surf Photography

Product Shots

Office Staff

Real Estate

3D Mapping

Hotel Highlight Video

Our Clients

Honolulu MedSpa

Hawaii’s #1 Med Spa – Botox, CoolSculpting, Non-Surgical Alternatives and More!

Pearl Country Club

Golf Course With Drone Videos Of Each Hole.

Island Fever Sisters

Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Jeffrey Miyazawa DDS

Kaneohe Dentistry

Precision Cleaning Hawaii

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

East Oahu Realty

East Oahu Realty – Real Estate Agency


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