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About Florian

Florian Moracchi – Head of Product Operations

As a seasoned leader with over 10 years of experience in team management and contractor supervision, I have honed my skills in information architecture and promoting a data-driven culture. My natural aptitude for these areas has earned me recognition from colleagues and peers alike.

I also bring a wealth of sales and global experience to the table, which has helped me build connections with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. This has proven to be a valuable asset in my role as a team leader and in creating engaging consumer-facing experiences.

My passion for continuous improvement and innovation is reflected in my track record of successfully delivering complex projects on time and within budget. I thrive in fast-paced, dynamic environments, and I am always seeking out new challenges and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.


About Ky

Ky Vuong – Social Media 

Aloha my name is Ky Vuong and I’ve been a personal trainer for over 30 years. I’ve helped hundreds of clients and love to help people get healthier/ better/ stronger/ gain more confidence! Functional fitness is my specialty. I was also the 1st Hawaii trainer to be selected to the TV show American Ninja Warrior in 2014! That’s an awesome experience!

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