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I Live Aloha

I was born in Hawaii and live in Hawaii. No offense to mainland web designers but they don’t know Hawaii like a local person. If you want to speak to a local, hire a local.


Responsive Design

Each of our sites conform to your screen to create the best browsing experience for your visitors.



Optimized For Search Engines

All of our sites have been carefully optimized. Each page specifically targeting the right keywords. We add XML sitemap, meta descriptions, page titles, keywords, Google analytics and more.



Rock Solid Security Protection

We don’t take chances when it comes to your data. We add extra security to all of our sites and monitor any unusual activity.



Unique Designs

We don’t take a template and replace your logo and call it a website. We start from scratch and customize it for you.



Beautifully Displayed

We want your sites to have beautiful images, elegant fonts and easy navigation.


I want a new website, what is your cost?

That’s a very broad question. It’s like walking into a car dealership and saying “I want a new card, how much will it be?”

A basic standard 5 page website with your log, contact information, a map to your office and a contact form will run an average of $4,500 + tax.

A more modern, creative website with a lot more bells and whistles that is up to 12 pages will run you $8,000 + tax.



How long does a website take to build?

It really depends on you. After you hire us and we have our initial consultation, you’ll be given instructions on how we can design the website. If you can answer and fill out our content form pretty quickly, we can usual create a 5-7 page website in about a week as long as we’re not too backed up.  

Now if we have 2 projects ahead of you then it may take 3 weeks to complete your website. This is usually the norm.

How much for an eStore?

an eCommerce store where you’re listing up to 10 products on your site and with a premium site on Shopify will run $4,000 (give or take how much extras you want).


Do you offer website consulting?

Yes. You don’t have to hire us only for website building, we offer a variety of services including:

  • SEO
  • Website Maintenance
  • PPC
  • Commercial Photography
  • Video Highlight Creation
  • Business Consultation

Business Consultation can be purchased on an hourly basis. $400/hr I will reverse engineer your website and give you all the areas that should be corrected/focused on. I will also give you digital marketing strategies and ideas for your services/products. 1hr is usually enough time to do all of this, you can always hire me to do more consulting in the future.

How much is your SEO?

SEO can vary depending on the type of SEO you’re looking for. There is On-Page SEO services, which basically means your website optimized to be indexed correctly on search engines. 


On-Page SEO cost can vary, depending on how many pages you need to be optimized. It is roughly $400/page with a 3 page minimum. This includes indexing your site on Google and speeding your website up.


Off-Page SEO can also vary depending on how in depth you want your focus keywords to reach. For example if you want to rank for a very popular keyword like “Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer”, well that is a highly competitive keyword and to rank for that keyword will take months to even rank (there is no guarantee) and a lot of research and articles. On the other hand if you want to rank for a non-competitive keyword like “Rent Mr Honu the turtle for Hawaii birthday parties”. Well that’s a much easier task and the price would be much lower. So please contact us if you have something specific in mind.

How much is website maintenance?

Pricing depends on if I build the website or if it is your own personal site. How many pages is the site, what type of platform is the website built on (WordPress, Wix, HTML5, etc..). Most basic websites on a retainer is $250/mo and that includes 2 minor changes (or 1hr of work) per month. This does not include website hosting.

How much is website hosting?

We use a variety of website hosting. Most will run on average $150/mo but we usually like to bundle the website hosting with the website maintenance services. $500/mo includes basic website maintenance along with basic website hosting. This does not include email hosting.

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